Missions can be found by clicking on the clipboard at the top, next to the gift box. The second tab on the mission page has the daily misisons.

Daily missionEdit

Everyday there are 9 daily missions. The daily missions are different everyday but they will be 9 of the following daily missions:

Mission Reward
Make one item in the item creation shop 1 Bronze Medal
Raise the affection one SR or SSR character and unlock a scenario 1 Bronze Battle log
Pull one normal gacha 5000 Gold
Sell one TSF 1 Defense Boost Item
Sell one character 1 Defense Boost Item
Strengthen one TSF 5000 Gold
Strengthen one character 5000 Gold
Clear one daily quest 1 Bronze Supply Box
Clear one main quest 1 Bronze Supply Box
Patrol 3 times 1 Chara XP Boost (Small)
Pick up the gold of your bank 1 TSF XP Boost (Small)
Pick up the gold of your bank when it's at his max limit 1 Bronze Medal
Complete 9 daily missions 1 Stamina Drink

Beginner missions Edit

They are the golden missions that look like a lottery on the home screen. They can be done only once and are meant to be a tutorial and to give an early boost to new players.

In this page, the missions are counted in the following way:

  • The row is indicated by the first number
  • The column is indicated by the second number
  • The color is indicated by either O (Orange) or P (Purple)

See the picture:

Missions Conditions Rewards
O 1-1 Clear the tutorial 10,000 Gold and 5 G-Crystals
O 1-2 Pick up a gift in your gift box 1 TSF XP Boost (Small), 1 Chara XP Boost (Small)
O 1-3 Pull a rare gacha at the gacha lottery 1 G-crystal
O 2-1 Strengthen one TSF 1 R TSF-Type 97 Fubuki
O 2-2 Login again another day 10,000 Gold
O 2-3 Strengthen one character 1 Chara XP Boost (Small)
O 3-1 Clear one main quest 1 R Takamura Yui
O 3-2 Clear one easy daily quest 1 TSF XP Boost (Small)
O 3-3 Raise affection of one character to 100% 5 Silver Medals, 10 Silver Battle Logs
P 1-1 Read one character's story 1 Chara XP Boost (Small)
P 1-2 Read one episode of the main story 1 R TSF-Type 97 Fubuki
P 1-3 Upgrade one building 20 Bronze Item Materials, 2 Bronze Medals
P 2-1 Limit break one TSF 1 TSF XP Boost (Small)
P 2-2 Strengthen one character 1 R Takamura Yui
P 2-3 Create an item 15 Bronze Medals
P 3-1 Increase the skill level of one character 1 Gold Medal
P 3-2 Clear one event quest 1 HN Li Linmei (李玲美)
P 3-3 Clear every beginner missions 10 G-Crystals
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