Detailed summary/translation of the main story of Muv Luv Strike Frontier by haloff1. Please note that I (haloff1) is neither fluent at English nor Japanese so don't hold too much expectations, ok?
Notes : The full translation of the prologue is available here. Auniverse here, I will be taking over this translation project as Haloff1 will no longer be translating. I am fluent in English and Chinese, and have a basic understanding of Japanese, so I'll try my best to make a quality translation (I hope).

Chapters Episodes Unlock Requirements Link
Tutorial Prologue 1-5 and 1-4 N/A
1 1-5
2 1-5
3 1-5
4 1-5
5 1-5
6 1-5
7 1-5 21-5, 22-5, 23-5, 24-5, 25-5
8 1-5 26-5, 27-5, 28-5, 29-5, 30-5
9 1-5 31-5, 32-5, 33-5, 34-5, 35-5
10 1-5 36-5, 37-5, 38-5, 39-5, 40-5
11 1-5 41-5, 42-5, 43-5, 44-5, 45-5
12 1-5 46-1, 46-2, 46-3, 46-4, 46-5
13 1-5
14 1-5
15 1-5
16 1-5
17 1-5
18 1-5
19 1-5
20 1-5
21 1-5
22 1-5
23 1-5
24 1-5
25 1-5 N/A
26 1-5 N/A
27 1-5 N/A

Main Characters

白川 美乃莉 Shirakawa Minori Edit


 主人公の幼なじみ。同じ学校のクラスメイトでもある。 他のヒロイン達とは、メッセアブリでグルーブを作り、仲良くやっている。 学校の部活には無所属だが、習い事として珠瀬弓道場に通っている。腕前はニ段。師範を務める珠瀬壬姫の、大人の女性然としたたたずまいや、穩やかな物腰などに憧れている。 好きな色はビンク。好きな動物は猫。好きな食べ物はオレンジとバナナと……あとは秘密。 大空寺いよに教えたら、「おっさんか!」と言われたので、ちょっと自重気妹。 学園では男子に人気があるものの、本人はまったく自覚も興味もない。人見知りでもあるので、 男子と話ができないというのも理由のひとつ。 ただその態度が男子達にはツンデレに見えたりするようで、更に人気に拍車をかけている。 密かに主人公に想いを寄せており、唯一話のできる男子と言っても過言ではないが、 肝心の主人公は、美乃莉の幸せが一番だと言う割に彼女の気持ちには全然気付かない。 


大沢 琳華 Osawa Rinka Edit

大空寺 いよ Daikuji Iyo Edit

鬼灯 あかる Hozuki Akaru Edit

高森 ミサキ Takamori Misaki Edit

0 Prologue Edit

Prologue Part 1 Edit

In 2016, somewhere in Yokohama city, you, the protagonist, lives in a house. Your parents are travelling and the only one left with you is your childhood friend Minori who is also your neighbour. She came to your house to cook for you. She is popular at school but only speaks mostly with you. She is for you your best friend and you wish her to be happy so you would like her to find a boyfriend.

Prologue Part 2 Edit

But Minori doesn’t think the same the way and quite obviously likes you. The cooking is finished and you eat it. You find it delicious which makes Minori very happy. You talk about why Minori is still single even though she is popular. After that you end up misunderstanding that Minori likes someone and that she is planning to confess soon. She then asks you out on a date tomorrow morning but you think it is just for shopping although you thought for a moment that Minori liked you.

Prologue Part 3 Edit

The next morning you suddenly hear Minori screams. You rush out of your house and you see that the city is completely destroyed. You meet Minori, who seems unhurt but troubled, and the both of you think of what happened. You turn back and you realize that your house and Minori’s house are destroyed even though you were in your house just a few minutes ago. You think you are dreaming and thus you decide to explore the city as much as possible before you wake up.

Prologue Part 4 Edit

You are now walking on a destroyed street with Minori. You tried to send a message to anyone but no one responded. You are thinking that you might have a terrible grudge against the city to have such a dream where your city is so thoroughly destroyed. One hour later, you are still exploring the deserted ruin and you still didn’t see anyone or any animal. You look around you and you see your high school, Hakuryou High School which belongs to Hiragi Academy, and you realize there is something like a radar on top of one of the school buildings. Hoping that there might be someone over there, you and Minori head for your high school. Once you arrive at the entrance of Yokohama base, you are stopped by two soldiers. They first believe you are soldiers of Yokohama base and that you are on a date so they ask you your ID cards. But seeing as you do not have them, they order you to freeze. Of course you and Minori do not know what is going on. The soldiers then remember what happened recently. Someone (Shirogane Takeru) came here too without a clue like you. They decide to call Vice-Commander Kouzuki.

Prologue Part 5 Edit

Some time later, you are in Yuuko’s room. Yuuko presents herself and quickly confirm that both you and Minori come Muv Luv Extra universe in 2016. Yuuko tells you it is not a dream but the reality. She then explains that this world is a parallel world where BETA are driving humanity to extinction. She also says that Japan is currently fighting BETA and that the western part of Kantou is destroyed, including Yokohama. Yuuko informs you that there is currently no way of sending you to your world but that she might find a way if you help her with her research. You accept and you strengthen your will to return back to your homeworld with Minori.

Prologue Part 6 Edit

Some time later, you are on the sport ground with Meiya. At first Meiya mistakes you for intruders but then Marimo-chan arrives and explains you are guests under the responsibility of Vice-Commander Kouzuki. Marimo-chan orders you to follow her. You are brought to a private room with 4 beds. You are told that Minori and you will live there from now on and that you are forbidden to leave the room. Minori is worried about ever being able to go back to your world and you reassure her it will be alright.

Chapter 0 Edit

Chapter 0 Part 1 Edit

Several days later, you and Minori meet with Yuuko at the library. Yuuko asks you if you got used to your new life and Minori answers that you received a lot of privilege. The food and the laundry were done for you and basically you didn’t have to do anything. You actually silently  complain that you had too much free time. Yuuko explains that she called you to play a game she made using the smartphone that Minori brought with her. You are surprised because you thought there was no game in this world. You try to play the game (T.N : Muv Luv Alternative Strike Frontier) and you are amazed that Yuuko managed to game so similar to our game even though the concept of video game didn’t even exist. Yuuko then explains how to make a squadron in the game and start a battle.

Chapter 0 Part 2 Edit

You stop playing the game and Yuuko praises you and Minori for your good results. Yuuko wonders if girls plays video games in your world and you ask Minori whether she is actually a gamer. You think she tried to play games to understand better the person she likes. Yuuko teases a bit Minori about the person she likes, implying that it is you.  Then Yuuko entrusts you a tablet-like terminal that you can use to play the game and invites you to play it and level up in your room. She also gives back Minori’s smartphone and says that she studied every bits of it without erasing the data. Yuuko teases Minori one last time by saying she will keep the photo that Minori secretly stuck inside the case a secret for her.

Chapter 0 Part 3 Edit

You are playing the game and Yuuko explains more details about the game : rank, military rank, friends, strengthening, limit breaking and gacha. At the end of the tutorial, Yuuko says she will erase the data and update the game.

Chapter 0 Part 4 Edit

You are playing the game once again and Yuuko explains more details about the game : settings, collection screen, story and tips. Once the explanation is over, she tells you to ask her if you need more help.

Chapter 1 Edit

Chapter 1 Part 1 Edit

Some days later, you and Minori are in a classroom and are listening to Marimo-chan. Marimo-chan announces that you and Minori will be assigned to a new cadet squad : squad 207-C. She says that you will be exempted from physical training and other training courses and that you only will study the fundamentals. She also says that you are allowed to use your clothes and that you do not have to wear uniform even though she recommends you to at least wear BDU (see Minori’s clothes) so as to fit with the other soldiers. You, Minori and Marimo-chan herself are surprised by these rules and Marmiro-chan explains that those privileges are granted by Yuuko and that she believes Yuuko must have valid reasons. Finally Marimo-chan says that squad 207-C will train with squad 207-B who are their sempai. She adds that Meiya, the girl you met earlier, is a cadet of squad 207-B.

Chapter 1 Part 2 Edit

Shortly after, while you are still in the classroom, Marimo-chan begins the lecture and orders someone to enter the room. The person who enters the room is an extremely flustered Tama-chan! Tama-chan is so embarrassed that she bit her tongue. Upon hearing her name, Tamase Miki, Minori and you realize that she is the Instructor Tamase that taught Minori Kyudo from time to time at the dojo in 2016. Minori seems shocked and is speechless. You worry if the striking difference between the beautiful and mature Miki and the flustered and childish Miki disappointed Minori too much. But then Minori explodes screaming kawaiiiiiiiiiiiiiii and strongly hugs Miki. The poor Tama-chan pleads for help and you tell Minori to be lenient and not to crush her.

Chapter 1 Part 3 Edit

The evening, you and Minori are in Yuuko’s room. Yuuko asks if you were acquainted with Miki in your world and wonders if you will meet other people from your world in the future. She then asks if you got something out of the lecture of Tamase Miki. You and Minori says that it didn’t go well because you didn’t know much about weapon. But Yuuko reprimands you and Minori because she meant history and not guns. Observing that you didn’t know much about the history of this world, she explains the difference between this world and your world from the beginning. She insists that they should remember it because only retarded idiots don’t know it in this world. The divergence began since the Kamakura period (T.N : 1185-1333 CE). Kyoto was the capital and it didn’t change through the Edo period (1603-1868 CE). It was still the capital until recently. In 1944, Japan still lost the war but it was still governed by the imperial rule even after the war. You asks why the capital was changed from Kyoto to Tokyo recently and Yuuko says that she will explain things in order.

Chapter 1 Part 4 Edit

Yuuko is explaining how humanity first discovered the BETA. It began in 1958. America sent the probe Viking 1 to Mars to study its surface and its atmosphere. It successfully landed and sent data as well as a picture to Earth. This picture showed a desert with rocks and rubbles but most importantly, “something” was on the left part of the picture. Adding the observation that there were probably water canals on Mars, it was very likely life existed on Mars. When Earth received the data, humanity rejoiced. However they didn’t know whether the beings on Mars were native or from somewhere else. This question was the cause of many debates in the scientific community. Then Yuuko stated that a certain accident put an end to all debates. Meanwhile, you and Minori are puzzled because according to their memories, only the Moon was explored in 1960. You states that there is no life on Mars in your universe but Minori corrects you by saying that last year (2015), NASA found proof of water in Mars. Yuuko finishes by saying after this certain accident, hell began.

Chapter 1 Part 5 Edit

In 1967, around the permanent lunar base humany encountered directly for the time in history an extraterrestrial lifeform, called BETA. Shortly after humanity lost contact with the moon...Minori remarks the BETA probably came to the moon from Mars and Yuuko confirms her guess. In 1973, the BETA landed the original hive in the Kashgar Autonomous Area, in western China. The next year, another hive landed in Athabasca, Saskatchewan, in Canada but this hive was immediately destroyed by concentrated strategic nuclear bombardment thanks to the lesson learned the year before. However half of Canada was made uninhabitable. In 1998, the BETA finally invaded Japan. In less than a week, Kyushu, the western part and the middle part of Japan were invaded. Out of the 40,000,000 people living in these areas, 36,000,000 were sacrificed. You and Minori are speechless so Yuuko adds that humanity was used being destroyed so quickly.  In 2001, more than 60% of the world population has already died. Less than one billion people remains. Shortly after the initial invasion of Japan, Kyoto fell and the 35 million people living in the Kinki and Toukai area were evacuated to the North. Yuuko mentions that planes couldn’t be used at that time. Minori asks why and Yuuko explains that the BETA developed a countermeasure to planes 30 years ago. Instead, humanity developed TSF. You asks what is a TSF and Yuuko says that it’s the giant robot that you used in the game. She says that you will see them in the real world later. In 1999, the mainland,including Yokohama, was taken over by the the BETA. But somehow, humanity successfully recaptured the mainland and Yokohama later.

Chapter 2 Edit

Chapter 2 Part 1 Edit

After the long speech of Yuuko-sensei, you and your childhood friend are going back to your room. On the way back, in a hallway, you are talking with Minori about what Yuuto told you… It was a shock for you, especially the part about humanity being reduced to only less than one million. You wish to go back to your world but you understand that just wishing it is not enough. You realize you might as well die in this place, killed by the BETA. But you think about your situation and you understand you cannot run because you are a cadet and that you will later become an eishi who will fight the BETA. As you talk with Minori, you meet Tama and another girl (Class rep). Tama is relieved to meet you because it was time for curfew. She used this occasion to introduce you to the squad leader of B-squad, Sakaki. Before anyone says anymore, Minori, completely charmed by the super-cuteness of Instructor Tamase, bear-hugs the poor cat-like human. Tama, nyaaaaas (T.N: she literally says nyaaaaaa) and pleas for help. You tell Minori to calm down so as to not crush Miki. Minori composes herself and apologizes. You, Minori and Class Rep then “yoroshiku” each other. Sakaki is silent for a bit then explains that  she was thinking what kind of people you were because Miki told her that you were particular. You answer that you are just ordinary but Sakaki disagrees. As she expected, you and Minori are weird.

Chapter 2 Part 2 Edit

Class Rep is explaining why she thinks you and Minori are weird. First Minori calls Tama “Instructor Tamase”, then your way of speaking, your words seem a bit weird...But more importantly, the atmosphere around you is pure, untainted, something like that.  At first you don’t understand and apologize but when you think about it, you realize that you are indeed different from them. You did not suffer the hardship of war. Compared to them, you are like a “obou-chan” (~prince) and Minori, a “ojou-sama” (~princess). Class Rep apologizes saying that she did not mean to criticize nor investigate you. Tama is salvaging the situation by saying that they should get along because they are in the same squadron (207) and that they will do a lot of things together from now on. Minori reassures them she did not worry or anything like that. Sakaki then says that she is still wondering why Minori is calling Tama Instructor Tamase. You invent an excuse on the fly that pretends that Tama looked a lot like Minori’s Kyudo Instructor who was dignified, awe-inspiring and super cool. You also say that this instructor had the same name by chance as Miki’s. Class Rep uses this occasion to tease Miki by telling her to be like your fake awe-inspiring instructor. Miki replies she will do her best. You ask Tama if it would be alright for Minori to call her Tama and add that you and Minori are feeling lonely. Sakaki agrees with you, adding that there is a weird guy already calling Tamase Tama anyways. Tama accepts and Minori thanks her very much. Tama says that you calling her sempai makes her uncomfortable. You agree to call her just Tamase-san. You ask who was the weird guy who called her Tama and Sakaki answers that he was a man named Shirogane who joined the squadron. She says that this man calls Tamase “Tama” and herself “Class Rep”. Minori thinks Tama is cuter because Tama’s name is like a cat’s name. You remember that Minori likes cat. Chizuru and Tama want to introduce you to the rest of the squad but because it’s almost the curfew, there is no time for that. You wish each other goodnight. Once Minori and you are alone, you warn Minori to not let such a relaxed (T.N : probably weird/pervert because of the cuteness of Tama-chan) face show up. In your head though, you are thankful that Tama was here because thanks to her, Minori forgot a bit about the stressful reality of the current world and smiled. And her smile made you feel relaxed too.

Chapter 2 Part 3 Edit

The next day, Sakaki explains to you and Mimori about what humanity knows about the BETA. She says that they are the enemies of humanity and that our goal is to pilot TSF and exterminate the BETA to ensure the safety and the order of humanity across the world. She asks you if you know that much and you answer yes because you were already taught a little (T.N: by Yuuko). She says that the BETA are extraterrestrial lifeforms that have never communicated with humans and that no common points with us is confirmed belong the fact that we are both carbon lifeforms. You comment that they seems to be savage animals. You think mentally you only saw a blurry outward appearance of BETA on the picture so you don’t know how they look. Sakaki agrees with you and proceeds to explain on the appearance of BETA. BETA are divided between several species. They range from 2 to 10 meters. Common biology science doesn’t apply to them. We don’t know if they are mammals, bugs or fishes. Sakaki thinks they have no common point with these species. You comment that it’s incredible that there are lifeforms living on Mars, Venus and Saturn. Sakaki agrees  and adds that they are without a doubt very different from Earth’s animals and that she heard that they may be artificial lifeforms. She resumes by saying that humanity still has a lot to learn about them. For examples, how do they a make a society, how do they understand each other and so on. You reply that they are a puzzle. You ask why humanity knows so little about them even though they are fighting them for 30 years. Sakaki answers she also doesn’t know. She says that researches are being done everyday but because they are extraterrestrial lifeforms, standard biology may not be enough to understand them. Minori adds that we don’t even know completely the human body. Sakaki says the BETA are present in every region of the world. She says the ground around their hives is completely eaten. Not only the ground but the grass, the trees, the earth and ...The humans too, you think. Class Rep says that where the BETA go, not even a tree is left. She says that the topography is flattened by them. She adds that even though, we still don’t know their objective. You are surprised that they even flatten mountain...Sakaki says that it’s the reason why they are a threat to humanity. They consume so much matters and are too numerous. If their number was low then victory would be possible but the BETA are overwhelming numerous. Without being afraid, they break through the defence of humanity no matter what we do. She says that of course she wasn’t sent to the frontline so she may be exaggerating but it was likely the truth. They are not afraid, they aren’t scared, they don’t falter, they don’t fall back, they advance inexorably. You say they are like zombies. Sakaki doesn’t know at first what you are talking about and asks if you mean the zombies as in the folk beliefs, the dead who are resuscitated. She asks you how the BETA look like zombies. You are surprised and you tell her they’re like zombies because they are resuscitated from their tombs in huge numbers and that they attack human, just like in the movies. Sakaki says she has never heard about that even though she doesn’t know much about movies. Minori salvages the situation by saying that she shouldn’t worry about that and that she should continue the explanations. You think that this world surely doesn’t have zombie movies because they are fighting a survival war for 30 years. You think that computers or other means of entertaining are also behind. Finally you pity this world because they may be living their life with knowing entertainment.

Chapter 2 Part 4 Edit

Some days later. You are on the shooting range with B squad, Minori and Marimo-chan. Marimo-chan begins the shooting training with B squad. It’s difficult for you to think you will shoot with a real weapon today. Marimo-chan says that even if C squad is special, you must know how to shoot, disassemble and maintain weapons. Marimo-chan adds that mistreating your weapon could not only kill you but your comrades as well. You seem very anxious. Marimo-chan orders the shooting to begin. The target is 100 meters away. The selector is full-auto. And then FIRE! You shot in full-auto. Not too long after the shooting begins, you are complaining that your ears are hurting. You are surprised by the recoil of your weapon. “So, it’s a real weapon…” you think. You are sweating.You comment silently that it’s completly different from the movies, that it’s not that easy. Meiya-sama asks you why you kept your finger on the trigger and if you learnt about firing only short bursts/ shot-by shot. You reply yes but you say that your body didn’t move as you expected. You underestimated the recoil and the rate of fire. Marimo-chan screams at you and asks if you didn’t listen during the lecture. She says full-auto is ineffective on the battlefield and orders you to explain why. You say that’s because you are inaccurate after the first shot due to the recoil and shaking. Scary-Marimo-chan says that if your job is to waste ammo then even a child can do it. She orders you to be more careful. You apologize (“su, sumimasen!!) Scary-Marimo-chan reminds you that your mistake could kill you and your comrades and that even if it’s the first time you shoot, you cannot take it lightly. You answer “Yes!”. Some time later, you think it was scary, in more ways than one. You wonder how Minori is doing. Because you don’t hear anything around you, you wonder if Mimori isn’t shooting. As you turn forward Mimori, you see that Tama is praising Minori. Even if it was her first time, she did well. Minori thanks her master profusely. Sakaki remarks that Minori’s body didn’t flinch during the shooting. Tama asks Minori to confirm whether Minori practiced Kyudo before. Tama comments that Kyudo is different from shooting. Minori says she was good at shooting thanks to her Kyudo Instructor. You are surprised by the fact Mimori is doing so well.

Chapter 2 Part 5 Edit

An unknown brown-haired man speaks to you. He says that being scolded is also the job of every fresh recruits, that you shouldn’t worry about it indefinitely. You thank him politely and ask him if he wouldn’t happen to be Shirogane-san. Takeru confirms and asks why you know his name. You say that you heard it from Tamase-san and that she called you the man who gives weird names. Takeru signs, “Ah ah … I see” and says that you surely met Class Rep at that time. Takeru yoroshikus you and tells you that chatting during training is bad and that he too was at first like you. It reminds him of the good old times. Then another woman with black hair appears and comments that it’s rare for Shirogane to speak about his past. Takeru tells Ayamine not to join the conversation because she said that useless talks were bad. You repeat her name, Ayamine-san and yoroshiku her. Takeru says she’s Ayamine Kei and that she’s a girl who is mysteriously elusive. Ayamine replies that Takeru is a man that nobody likes. She adds that Takeru can do anything he wants and that he can even fly without a doubt. You says that as you saw, he really looks like someone who is gifted at everything. You says that you’re the contrary but that not being liked will be troublesome because you have to go back together to your original world (T.N : The protagonist doesn’t know Takeru is from your world yet).  Takeru asks you what you mean by original world. You try to evade the question and then Marimo orders you to stop wasting time. Takeru, you and the others resume training. At the end, Takeru thinks back about what you said. The evening or the night, you are with Minori at the library. Yuuko arrives and apologizes because she made you wait due to some urgent business. You answer there is no problem but you think the contrary. She made you wait 2 hours.  Yuuko came with Kasumi. Yuuko asks you if you didn’t let slip anything. You answer that you don’t think and why she asks you that. She says that it’s not very important and that a soulless brain cannot be controlled. She tells you to be more careful about what you say. Without really understanding, you apologize. You think you probably said something weird again. Yuuko warms you to be especially careful around Shirogane and to absolutely never let him know the things about you. Minori reminds herself that Shirogane is that man who could do anything. Yuuko confirms and tells her falling in love with him is pointless. Minori strongly replies that she doesn’t have any feeling like that. Yuuko says there is a proverb that says that it’s better to fall in love with someone distant from you than with someone who is close to you but thickheaded. Minori insists that there is no such feeling. You don’t understand well and wonder that they are talking about. Yuuko says that there is no much time so she would like to begin what she planned to do. She wants to check whether you played the game or not and how well you did. You says that it’s weird to be angry at not playing enough and think it’s even weirder in this world. You wonder if it’s really alright to have fun.  

Chapter 3 Edit

Chapter 3 Part 1 Edit

During the night, on the running track with Minori. Minori tells you that you’re like usual skilled at playing the game. You reply that you have to be at least that good be a match for her. Minori changes the subject and wonders what the Vice-Commander Kouzuki Yuuko wants to do by making them play the game. You are thinking silently about it. You think Yuuko made the game by herself just by curiosity. You brought with you the concept of video game that didn’t exist in this world and Yuuko became curious. You think that Yuuko is a genius physicist because she made a game by herself. But, you feel like she didn’t do it just by curiosity. Yuuko made it so that the game can be played simultaneously on both the tablet you brought and the terminal she gave you. You are impressed by that and think it’s very difficult. So you think it’s weird that she did all of that just by curiosity. You suspect there is another reason. In your world, there was a way to play games at the same time on different devices like smartphone or keitai (T.N: Japanese typical phone) by exchanging data. Yuuko did the same thing. But you think that developing game in this world is too carefree. Minori wonders if being good at the game could actually be useful. You answer that it may be so but that thanks to that, you are allowed to live in security. You think that you are treated differently from the many people that live in this base. You almost don’t have to follow any rule and you don’t have to forge your body like B-squad. You think that it may imply indirectly that you won’t have to fight on the frontline as obeying rules and training your body is necessary to fight. You tell Minori that you must return to your world at any cost. You tell her that you have already decided that it’s good if they can do that without exposing themselves to danger. Minori agrees and sees someone. You look over there and you see someone running. That person is Meiya and she greets you and Minori. Minori asks Meiya what she’s doing. Meiya says that she is running, that it’s her daily training. Minori is impressed that Meiya is training on top of working her body during the day. Meiya says she wants to fight on the battlefield the moment she becomes an eishi. You ask what is an eishi. Meiya is surprised you don’t know and tells you it means a pilot of TSF. You remember that you already learnt that when Yuuko explained the game.  Minori asks Meiya why she wants to become an eishi. Meiya answers that her reason, even if it’s trite, is that there are things she wants to protect. Meiya asks you if you have a reason. You hesitantly say that you have something like that. Meiya tells you that there is no problem if you don’t answer because she doesn’t really want to ask you that. Minori is silent. Meiya says that if people have a objective, they can work hard. They can overcome any obstacles no matter how difficult they are. She believes that the stronger the belief is, the more people can grow. You think about Meiya’s words. You agree with her and you realize that people in this world live with those obvious things in mind. You think that that even though they have about the age as you, they are more mature than you. You feel like you are losing. In your world, you only told those beautiful things to look cool but at the end you never seriously said them or thought about them seriously. You only think seriously about them now. You think you were shameful, ignorant.

Chapter 3 Part 2 Edit

Meiya re-introduces herself properly by saying her full name Mitsurugi Meiya. She tells you that as a comrade of the same squad she is counting on you from now on. You remember you already heard the name Mitsurugi somewhere. You call Minori and you ask her if Mitsurugi could actually be the same Mitsurugi zaibatsu/group of your world. You think that if  your memory is correct, you saw on the news that some years ago, one girl who had a twin sister inherited the Mitsurugi group. At that time there were a lot of talks about her on the TV. Minori tells you she is thinking about that too. But she tells you it would be bad to ask Meiya. You agree silently with Minori. If you say again something weird, you will get into trouble. Nevertheless you think that knowing in this world people that you knew in your world, even if they are few, makes you feel reassured. After some time, you decide to ask Meiya. You ask her if you can ask her a private question and she says that she doesn’t mind but that she doesn’t know whether she can answer it. So you ask her if she happens to be from an aristocratic family. Meiya is on her guard and you quickly justify your question. You say you thought that because her way of speaking looks dignified.  Meiya says that no matter you look at her, you should understand...Minori doesn’t understand. Meiya goes back and says that her family is just very common. She says that her behavior is due to her parent who gave her a strict education. You nod hesitantly. Meiya says it’s almost time for curfew so she is leaving. Just before she leaves, she tells you she’s counting on you for the lecture tomorrow because she will be the one in charge of the lecture. You yoroshiku her. Once she leaves, you’re alone with Minori. Minori says that this talk was kind of deep. You agree. You think that the thing Meiya told, about her coming from a normal family, was surely a lie. You tell Minori that even though you have no proof, you think that Meiya is not the same person as the heir of the Mitsurugi group you saw on the TV but that she is surely another important person of the Mitsurugi group. You say that Meiya has surely many common points with the Mitsurugi person of your world. You say it is a parallel world after all. Minori comments that Tama, even though she didn’t practise Kyudo in this world, was the best sniper in the Far East. You say that you were surprised by that. You remember that after the shooting training, you were impressed when Tama showed you her skill. Minori says that you and her can’t investigate anymore than that. You agree and you say you should go back to your room because it’s already the curfew. Minori agrees and you go back together.

Chapter 3 Part 3 Edit

The next day, in the classroom with Meiya, Minori and you. Meiya is lecturing you about war tactics again humans. She tells you she wants to ask you a question that arose from your precedent questions. First she asks Minori. Minori replies at first hesitantly. You are thinking about the situation. In this situation, you are a preliminary strike force and your orders are to take out the enemy headquarters. It seems like you don’t like talking about tactics against humans because your enemies are the BETA. Thinking back on your world, you think your childhood friend Minori shouldn’t have problem answering the question thanks to the movies and games. Minori finishes her explanation. Meiya thinks a bit and tells Minori that her plan involves the transport trucks to transport a large quantity of explosive which would be a problem. Minori apologizes saying that honestly, she cannot imagine the situation at all. Meiya reassures it’s alright because Minori answered as she was told. Meiya says it is better to speak than not to say anything. Then Meiya asks you what you would do in the same situation. After some thoughts, you says that rather than taking out the enemy headquarters, you should aim for the electricity supply. Meiya is a bit surprised and asks more details. You say that even though it is not written in this example, the electricity of the enemy headquarter must come from somewhere. If we destroy this source then...but you realize that your plan is worthless if the enemy headquarter has an emergency supply source. You wonder what you should do in this case. But Meiya tells you it’s ok and requests you to continue. You say that if there is no emergency supply source, destroying the enemy headquarter from the front has a risk of retaliation on top of being wasteful. Meiya waits for you to continue. You say that you do not know exactly what you should do as a squad to destroy the electricity sources but that if you manage to destroy them, the enemy forces will be confused and you should gain an advantage. You feel this plan is safer. You add that if you destroy the base then the allied forces won’t be able to reuse the base. Your explanation is finished. Meiya stays silent and you ask her if something is wrong. Meiya apologizes and says that you have a very flexible imagination. You are thinking back on the case. If you destroyed directly the headquarter, it would have been a death flag.  Minori is impressed by your answer. You say that from time to time, you can do things like that. You think you should show your good sides at least a little.

Chapter 3 Part 4 Edit

You are with Minori on the hallway. You meet Tama and Tama calls you. Minori greets her Instructor Tamase. Tama invites you, if it is alright with you, to eat lunch together. You accept and you go the PX. Once there, you meet Meiya, Chizuru, Takeru and Kei. Kei says as you arrive that the late honor students arrived. You ask her what she meant. Chizuru explains that she says that because of the lecture that Meiya gave earlier. Chizuru says she heard that you gave a clever answer. You answer hesitantly yes, not knowing what exactly they mean. Meiya says she slightly lost her composure when she heard your answer. She asks you not to mind.  Minori is a bit surprised and wonders if that answer was really that incredible. Meiya says it may be the case but that the most important reason was that the answer you gave was the same answer Shirogane gave. Takeru congrats you and says that the both of you can do it in that difficult time for men. Minori asks him what he meant. Kei answers that men are conscripted more than women and sent to the frontlines. She adds that men are not enough so women and even child are sent. She concludes abruptly by saying that is why Shirogane is probably fake, or possibly actually a woman. Takeru quickly replies that both of her guesses are wrong. Tama tells him (and  you?) not to worry because everyone has their circumstances. You realize that the feeling there were more girls than boys was not just your imagination and that there was that reason. Chizuru says that no matter what we can say, Takeru has a creative mind. She says that she was honestly surprised by that. But to think that two person gave the same inventive answer, she says she was even more surprised. Kei says that she cannot make any excuse about her imagination being poor. Chizuru becomes angry and replies that that’s the same for her. Chizuru adds angrily that Kei should not make it like it did not concern her. Tama changes the subject and says that even if they are in different parts of the squad, they should get along as comrades of the same squad. Meiya agrees and says she would be delighted if we could work diligently together. Chizuru says that she thought at first that giving lectures between training was unreasonable but... Meiya completes her sentence by saying that it was good practise and that it allowed her to improve herself. Meiya adds that giving lectures has plenty merits. Chizuru agrees and talks about the Comprehensive Exam. She says they have to succeed no matter what. You ask what is the Comprehensive Exam. Meiya says it will take place on a southern island and that it could be described as a survival training exercise. She adds that it is the conclusion of the first part of their training. Tama says once the exam is finished, they could finally train with TSFs. Takeru once more yoroshiku you (“I’m counting on you guys!”) and you yoroshiku him back. Then Tama finally declares it’s eating time.

Chapter 3 Part 5 Edit

You are with Minori, Kasumi and Yuuko in the library. Yuuko asks if you are having fun with the game. You reply that like usual, things are going steadily. Yuuko says that in that case it is good but that no matter how you look at it, the number of hours you play the game is decreasing. Minori says because of the classes, you can only play during half of the day. Yuuko tells you that you guys do not have to follow the classes and could play the game instead. Yuuko says to herself that she should tell Marimo-chan directly to let you the game freely. You respond quickly by saying that it is alright, that you do not mind. You say that spending the whole day in your room do not make any progress or something and that you prefer far more going to classes. You think that it is fun to exchange with B-squad, that it is a fresh change of pace  and that you do not want that to change. Yuuko says after some thoughts that she does not mind as long as the results are improved because efficiently is more important. You tell Yuuko that you have something on your mind for quite a long time. Yuuko asks you what. You ask her who could be the girl always besides the Vice-Commander (T.N: Yuuko). Rabbit-esper-girl jumps a little. Yuuko asks you if you mean Yashiro and if you did not introduce yourselves already. Minori says you did not introduce each others at all yet. Yuuko says that girl is Yashiro Kasumi. Her daughter.  You are very surprised and ask Yuuko if she is for real. Yuuko answers that it is a lie. She asks you if you thought that Yuuko already had the age to have a child that old. You start to reply at first yes but quickly correct yourself and reply no. Minori saves you from the capital punishment by saying that you totally do not have the eyes for women. Then she timidly konnichiwas (T.N: says hello) Kasumi. Kasumi konnichiwas you back. Minori asks “Yashiro-san” if she can ask her age. Kasumi says nothing. Minori takes back what she said and apologizes. Kasumi says Kasumi is alright. Minori is surprised. Kasumi says that Minori can call her just Kasumi. Minori decides to call her in that case Kasumi-chan. Kasumi says yes. You think silently that there is such a large deficit of men that even such young girl are forced to fight on the battlefield. You think it is too severe. Kasumi tells you that you are mistaken. You says “what?”. Kasumi says that she is here because there are things only she can do. You do not understand. You wonder if Kasumi did not read your mind just now. Yuuko asks you if you already asked all of your questions. Then Yuuko tells you she is going to check whether you were skilled at the game today too. She tells you to continue doing your best. You reply “yea… yes”.

Chapter 4 Edit

Chapter 4 Part 1 Edit

Some days later, a bit before noon, you are with Minori in the hallway. Minori sees that your senpais, B-squad, are gathered together. You wonder if something happened. Tama notices Minori and you. Minori asks Instructor Tamase  if something happened ….and sees that Shirogane-san lays on the ground. Chizuru says it cannot be helped and proposes to transport him to the classroom. You wonder, besides why Shirogane is knocked-out, who is the angry person in front of you (T.N : Mikoto). Some time later in the classroom, Tama says that Shirogane is awaking up. Shirogane is at first silent. Chizuru asks him  if he can understand her. Takeru says after a short moment she is Class Rep. Meiya is relieved that it seems Takeru suffers no memory loss. Takeru stands up. Chizuru asks him if he can remember what happened. Takeru mentions “that guy” and asks what happened. Mikoto says “that guy” is here and that she did what she did by reflex because of Takeru suddenly groped her. Takeru asks in a very muffled way why Mikoto is a woman (T.N : “Whyyyyyyyyyyyyy you ….are a woman------!!). Mikoto wonders if that man is disgusted by her. Mikoto complains that Takeru is saying nothing but rude things to her. Tama says it is obvious that Mikoto is a girl. Tama says Takeru should, as she thought, still stay asleep. Meiya pities Mikoto for the pitiful first meeting but says that Shirogane Takeru is a new comrade of the squad. Mikoto understands and says that she is Yoroi Mikoto and yoroshikus Takeru. Chizuru tells Takeru that as she told you before, she is the girl who got sent to the hospital because of an injury. Takeru slowly repeats the name of Yoroi Mikoto. Mikoto says Takeru is weird because even though he was surprised by her until now, he is now staring at her. Takeru answers that it’s not his intention and asks her to confirm she is a guy. Mikoto says that well, it is fine and that Mikoto is Mikoto. She adds that likewise Takeru is Takeru. Takeru is puzzled (T.N you too right?!). Mikoto says that her life at the hospital was so boring she almost died. She thanks everyone for visiting her at the hospital. Then she suddenly remembers she must go to her patient room at the hospital. Takeru tries to tell her to wait a bit. Mikoto says that if they do not hurry, they will not have the time to eat. She then says “see you later” to Takeru. Without waiting another moment, Mikoto leaves. Takeru says she disappeared. Tame repeats the same thing but says it is not what she wants to say. Chizuru says that keeping saying that Mikoto is a man is rude. Meiya says Takeru should not be obsessive on whether Mikoto is a man anymore, especially as Mikoto herself told Takeru she was not. Tama pities Mikoto. Kei comments that Takeru probably did not even try to ask Mikoto if she was a man before he assaulted her. Takeru recognizes his fault. Chizuru says that they should go the PX or they will run out of time to eat. Meiya and Tama agree. Kei adds that today is yokisoba… You do not understand what is going on. Tama realizes that you and Minori do not know the situation and invites you to eat together. She says she will explain the situation over there. Minori says yes and you leave together.

Chapter 4 Part 2 Edit

You are with everyone in the PX. Meiya explains that the cadet who did everything at her own pace is called Yoroi Mikoto and that she is a comrade of B-squad. Tama says that she got injured during training so she was sent to the hospital. She rejoices that Mikoto got out of the hospital today. Minori asks then why Shirogane-san thought Yoroi-san was a man. Tama says that Takeru only recently joined the squad so it was the first time he met Yoroi. Takeru lamely says he mistook Mikoto for a man because of a hallucination. Chizuru replies that there is no way a hallucination was possible. She asks him how he can say that even though Mikoto wears a skirt. Chizuru does not believe his reason. Kei says Takeru tried to take Mikoto’s clothes to molest her breasts. Kei says he has accumulated too much… Takeru tells them they are misunderstanding. Chizuru then asks in that case what his reason is. Takeru begins to say something at first but gives up halfway and apologizes. Meiya asks what Kei meant by “he has accumulated too much”. Takeru tells Kei with a loud voice not to explain. Tama changes the topic and says that Yoroi-san is a genius of survival. She says Yoroi-san knows a lot of things. You are a bit surprised. Chizuru says that now the whole squad is complete. She says they should advance toward the Comprehensive Exam with all of their strength. Minori demands if she can ask something. Tama asks her what. Minori asks if there is no A-squad because there are already B and C-squads. Silence. You wonder why no one says anything. Meiya explains that A-squad does not exist anymore. She says that they passed the Comprehensive Exam last term, finished the TSF training and graduated. Meiya says that in other words, they graduated, became eishi and were sent to fight on the battlefield. As you thought, they were all girls. Minori wonders if there was this order, first A-squad then B-squad. Chizuru says it was not the case and that B-squad regrettably failed the Comprehensive Exam. Meiya says this Comprehensive Exam is their last chance. She says they must absolutely pass it. Minori apologizes, saying that she asked something unreasonable. Chizuru tells her not to worry and says what happened to B-squad also concerns C-squad. She says that no matter each person’s circumstances, besides the fact they are cadets in the same squad, they will become soldier one day. You are thinking silently. Chizuru says she does not know your curriculum because of your special circumstances but she thinks there will be hurdle on your way. She wishes you to do your best to overcome them. Kei says that B-squad’s circumstances are also special. Chizuru says it has no relation about what they are talking about now. You say that you understand and that you will also do your best. You think that you did not understand the last words of Ayamine but that anyways, everyone carries their own burden. You would like to return back to your homeworld before graduating and fighting…

Chapter 4 Part 3

You are with Minori in the hallway. You complains that you are so bored. Minori asks why you feel that way even though you play the game. You say that even though the game is fun, if you do the same thing everyday, no matter how interesting it is, you will get bored. Minori understands your argument.  You say that contrary to you, she still has her smartphone. Minori replies that even though she has it, she cannot use her appli because there is no internet. Mikoto calls you. She asks you what you are doing it. While looking at Minori’s smartphone, she asks what is that weird thing. You try to explain something but Mikoto suddenly changes the subject and invites you to eat lunch together. She tells you that this afternoon she will give a lecture on first-aid so they can eat together today (T.N: because they have the same schedule). You agrees. Silently, you are impressed that Mikoto really is out of synchronization with the others. Once in the PX with everyone, Mikoto tells everyone he saw something on the TV when he was at the hospital. Tama asks more details about the TV and Mikoto answers that contrary to the TV of the PX, you can control the TV of the hospital room. Chizuru is impressed. Mikoto goes on and explains that it was a very touching story. She says that it was about a dog that got lost during the evacuation and that walked hundreds of hard kilometers to reunite together with his owner. Tama is very happy and impressed. Mikoto says that she cried when she saw that story. Kei says she likes that kind of story. Mikoto says the owner of the dog wanted to bring along his dog but that because of the sudden evacuation alarm... Takeru asks if the dog ran away. Mikoto answers yes and says that the owner tried to find his dog all of this time but failed and had to evacuate. She says that  the TV said the dog got lost two months before it found back its owner. Mikoto says that the owner built a kennel, hoping his dog would come one day. Mikoto says she does not know what happened next because of her tears. Meiya asks Takeru what happened. Takeru does not understand. Kei says it looks like Takeru is crying. Takeru is surprised. Mikoto says it is really true, his eyes are wet. Takeru says it is nothing! Mikoto says that he was moved by the story. Takeru tells her it is not true. Mikoto tells him not be shy. Takeru once again denies and says that he cried because he remembered someone...Chizuru asks who. Takeru says that person was his childhood friend. Meiya asks him if that person was evacuated somewhere. Takeru says he doesn’t know. Tama asks him  where they lived. He says that ever since they were children, they lived here, in this city. You let out a small yell because of the surprise. Takeru asks you what it is. You says it is nothing. You think you should not be that surprised by that but that somehow, you suddenly felt a link with Takeru. You think that you might meet Takeru when you return to your world.

Chapter 4 Part 4

[T.N : I’m giving up writing “summary”. I pondered about it and what I’m actually now is almost a translation line by line so why not doing the whole thing? So from now on, I will translate lines one by one. If I can’t translate at all something, I will guess-translate it and add translator’s notes. Don’t forget I’m far from being fluent in either English or Japanese so don’t think what I’m writing is a faithful translation…But it’s better than a summary. ]
In the PX with B-squad and C-squad during lunch.
[Meiya] : Then? If it is not a hindrance, I would like to hear more about your story.

[You] : That’s, that’s right! I want to know too.

[Takeru] You want to know ….? that time, me and Sumika were neighbors...

[Chizuru] Sumika? Is that person’s name?

[Takeru] Ah...sorry it’s my bad habit...yes, her name was Kagami Sumika.

[Chizuru] I see…

[Minori] Kagami... It’s a bit uncommon name, isn’t it.

[Meiya] When was the last time you received news of the whereabouts of Kagami-dono?


[Meiya] If you would like, I could investigate.

[Tama] About that… I too have a favor I would like to ask.

[Takeru] Tama has?

[Tama] Yes...about a girl I know.

[Takeru] I see...

[Meiya] If you ease your mind of your anxieties and needless doubts, you walk firmly toward the future instead of falling back to the past.

[Takeru] That’s true.

[Meiya] If you wish so, I could settle your questions.

(You) : As I thought, Meiya is somehow or another a person of great importance.

[Takeru] Thank you Meiya. But, you don’t have to do that.

[Tama] There is no need to hold back? Ah...but what I want to ask is weird!

[Meiya] That’s right. There is no need to hold back.

[Takeru] Just wanting to help me is enough.

[Kei]... You are still thinking about her? (T.N : Unable to translate faithfully 迷いはあとから膨れる)

[Takeru] Yes...but it’s pointless even if I search her.

[Chizuru] Why?

[Takeru]... She is not in {this world}.

Everyone is silent.

[Takeru] Ah, don’t feel sad ok? That’s something I already came to terms with.

[Meiya] Forgive me...I shouldn’t have asked.

[Takeru] Like I said, it’s alright! Sumika, she was a kind of like a dog, ah ah ah. So It’s just that I remembered her when I heard that story!

[Minori] ……….

(You) You… were shocked too. Of course you were.

(You) We already knew this kind of things happened in this world but seeing someone close to us suffer that...of course we would be more moved. (T.N : can’t translate well)

(You) And then, our circumstances are the same as Takeru’s.

(You) We’re both childhood friends, neighbors, man and woman....

[You]...It’s alright.


[You] We will be alright. I ... will never let you go. Until we come back to our original world, we will absolutely not be separated.



Chapter 4 Part 5 Edit

In the classroom with everyone.
[Mikoto] Someone may still be alive even they don’t breath or are unconscious. You should first check the followings : if they are bleeding, if they are unconscious, if they are breathing. Then you should confirm whether their heart is beating.

[Takeru] I understand.

[Mikoto] Then, about the artificial respiration… Takeru, can you lay down for me?

[Takeru] Ehhh….

[Mikoto] Doing it practically is the fastest way to understand right? Come on, lay down?

[Takeru]...Un, understood.

[Meiya] What’s wrong? Is your face red?

[Takeru] Th th th that’s wrong ---!

[Mikoto] Well, lay down ok ~~?

[Takeru] Yea, yeah!

[Mikoto] Takeru….I’m going to do it ok?

[Takeru] Ah, ahhh…

(You) Uwaaa. So that’s what we call mouth to mouth artificial respiration!

(You) Th, isn’t that a kiss!

[Mikoto] Well then next,  {player} and Minori-san, how about trying to do it?

[Minori] Eh !!!?

[Mikoto] Well, who wants to play the victim? I think that Minori should do it.

[Minori] Bu, bu, bu, but--!!

[You] Wai, wait please! I and Minori will…?

[Mikoto] Huh? Do you prefer the contrary? Well either is fine.

[You] Tha, that’s not what I mean---!?

(You) Even if it’s artificial respiration, kissing Minori is… we need to prepare our hearts…

[Mikoto] Ah! Sorry, sorry, I see, I see, asking you that suddenly is too unreasonable I guess.

(You) Oh~!!!!. You finally understood.

[Mikoto] Doing that to someone you don’t know is not something you should do! Let’s change the pair.

(You) Gyapu-! It’s not that!

[Mikoto] Thennnn…. How about Minori-san and Tamase-san?

[Minori] Eh!

[Tama]Ah, it’s ok-! So, I wonder if I should be the one to do it? What do we do-?

(You) That or that is not the problem! It’s unreasonable right! The partner doesn’t change anything--!

(You) I understand that it’s not something I should be restless for but to be honest it’s impossible to stay calm.

(You) Not to mention Minori has someone she likes…

The screen is shaking. [Minori] I WILL DO MY BEST !!!

[You] Ehhhhhh ~~~~!!

[Minori] Ins, Instructor Tamase… I may be inexperienced but … I will be in your care !!

[You] Minori, are you sure !?

[Minori] What are you saying {player}. It’s mouth to mouth! It’s to save our life! Ins, Ins, Instructor Tamase…. Doki doki…

(You)...Arguing is pointless.

(You)Well, if she herself is alright with it then she can do as she pleases.

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