Starting the game Edit

When you begin the game, the game data will be loaded. Once everything is finished, you will see the following screen.


There are 4 buttons.

  1. The first button, named "Start game", start the game.
  2. The second button, named "High quality graphic", is one of the two graphic mode that you can choose. You can either increase the graphic quality as well as the system requirement, or you can choose the lowest graphic quality to maximize fps (frames per second). The graphic quality can be adjusted in the game setting.
  3. The third button, named "High performance mode", decreases graphic quality to improve fps.
  4. The fourth button, named "Delete cache", deletes the game date from the cache of your browser. If you encounter a bug or if the game is updated, you should always do this to prevent further error. (Check point 5)
  5. (UPDATE) The game is lighter than before, smaller in file size, but it's in a downloadable cache mode, when you encounter a bug, if you tap on "Delete cache" button it will delete all the downloaded data (around 90 parts of it) which makes you need to download the game data again. If you encounter a bug, simply restart it or force close it.

Home interface Edit

After the loading screen, you will arrive at the home screen. From here you can see your characters, modify your squadron, play some quests, check your stats etc... All of the buttons and information are explained in the following picture. Please note that only a brief summary of each function is given here. For more information, please consult the respective page.

  1. The icon 1 shows your rank. As you play the game and gain experience point (xp), your rank will increase. Your rank determines your maximum stamina as well as the maximum level of your HQ ( the button number 16 for more information). Each time your rank increases, you maximum stamina increases by one.
  2. The icon 2 shows your stamina. Your stamina is consumed each time you play a quest. The amount of stamina depends of your rank. Your stamina regenerates one point every 3 minutes until your maximum limit. The time at the left shows the amount of time before your stamina is completely regenerated.
  3. The icon 3 shows your experience bar. Each you complete a quest, you gain xp. Once the bar is filled, your rank increases. By doing so your stamina is completely refiled.
  4. The icon 4 shows the amount of gold that you have. Gold is the main in-game money and you get it when you finish missions as well as quests. Gold is used to upgrade your characters, your TSFs and your base.
  5. The icon 5 shows the Refill stamina button. If you press it, you can add to your current amount of stamina your maximum amount of stamina by spending 1 G-crystal. By doing this, your amount of stamina can be over your maximum limit.
  6. The icon 6 shows the amount of G-crystals that you have. G-crystals is the premium but you can also get it by clearing quests and missions as well as daily logins and gifts. You can use it to refill your stamina, to continue the mission if your whole squadron is destroyed and to get gatchas in the gatcha shop.
  7. The button 7 is the home button. By clicking it, you will be redirected to the home screen.
  8. The button 8 is the gift button. By clicking it, you will be redirected to the gift screen. There you can get the gifts you got from clearing quests, missions and daily logins.
  9. The button 9 is the mission button. By clicking it, you will be redirected to mission screen. There are three types of mission : unique, daily and event. Once you satisfied all of the goals of a mission, you will get a reward that you can pick up in the gift screen. The missions are not fights but are just goals like "Upgrade one character" or "Clear a quest with a S rank" etc...
  10. The button 12 is the collection button. By clicking it, you will be redirected to the the collection screen. There you can read again the main story as well as your characters story. You can also check the information of your characters, TSFs and encountered enemies.
  11. The button 11 is the announcement button. By clicking it, you can see information on the current events or promotion.
  12. The button 12 is the quest button. By clicking it. you will be redirected to the quest screen. From there you can select and play quests, the main interest of the game.
  13. The button 13 is the characters button. By clicking it. you will be redirected to the characters screen. From there you can review your characters, upgrade them or sell them.
  14. The button 14 is the TSFs button. By clicking it. you will be redirected to the TSFs screen. From there you can review your TSFs , upgrade them or sell them.
  15. The button 15 is the squadron edition button. By clicking it. you will be redirected to the squadron edition screen. From there you can review your 5 squadrons. One squadron is composed of a CP character (Commanding Post) and 5 pilots with their TSFs.
  16. The button 16 is the base button. By clicking it. you will be redirected to the base screen. From there you can get the gold from your bank building and upgrade the buildings of your base to increase the gold you get from the bank as well as the combat effectiveness of your TSFs.
  17. The button 17 is another announcement button. It is the same as the button 11.
  18. The button 18 is ... Well useless but be careful...You don't want to lose your head, do you?
  19. The button 19 is the beginner missions button. If you click it, you can see the list of the beginner missions you can do when you begin the game. They are missions made to learn the game and offer nice rewards. They will disappear when you clear all of them.
  20. The button 20 is the military rank button. It shows your military rank (different from your rank) and how many medals you must get before reaching the next military rank. Your military rank increases the amount of gatcha points( the in-game money to get normal gatcha) and affection points you get from clearing quests.
  21. The icon 21 is your secretary. You can set your secretary by going to the collection screen, clicking on your character card and clicking on a box. Your secretary speaks to you from time to time and her quote depends on her affection level. Like with everything else, there is unfortunately no voice. Note that you can click on her to make her angry or embarrassed depending of her affection and her personality.
  22. The icon 22 is your secretary chat box. You can see what she is saying to you there.
  23. The button 23 is the menu button. By clicking it, the menu will appear. More details bellow.
  24. The button 24 is the gacha button. By clicking it, you will be redirected to the lottery screen. There you get randomly get new characters and TSFs by paying G-crystals and gacha points.

Menu buttons Edit

If you click on the menu button on the home screen, you will see the following picture:

  1. The first button redirects you to the shop. There you can buy items to help during missions, increase your TSFs and characters experience etc...You can also buy keys to increase the maximum number of TSFs and characters that you can have.
  2. The second button redirects you to the item creation screen. There you build items with gold and other items.
  3. The third button redirects you to the collection screen. It's the same as the button 12 of the home screen.
  4. The fourth button redirects you to the friends screen. There you can see your friends, the people who invited you, and you can also invite friend by their number.
  5. The filth button redirects you to the user information screen. There you can you review your rank, military rank, the number of sorties etc...
  6. The sixth button redirects you to the serial code screen. In the future, there might be some promotion like if you buy the next Schwarzesmarken VN you also get Irisdina in the game. In that case you will be probably be given a serial number that you can input there to get Irisdina.
  7. The seventh button redirects you to the game setting screen. There you can adjust the sound volume and the graphic quality.

Basic gameplay Edit

This section will only cover how to do quest and how to get new characters and TSFs. It doesn't cover how to upgrade your base, the meaning of each button and tab etc... For more details please refer to the respective page.

How to get new characters and TSFs Edit

There are 3 ways to get new characters and TSFs in the game.

  1. Doing the gatcha lottery
  2. Clearing quests
  3. Clearing missions

The first way is your primary source of new characters and TSFs by far. To go to the lottery, go to the gatcha button on the home screen. You will see several tabs. The number of tabs depend of the current events. Nonetheless they are at least two tabs. One is the rare lottery and one is for the normal lottery. Regarding the normal lottery, you should see something like this:

Gatcha Screen communTX

The normal lottery uses gatcha points to get new characters and TSFs but you can only get get cards of rarity SR and lower. The probability to get a SR card is extremely low. You will mostly get N and some HN cards.You get gacha points each time you clear a quest.

  1. The first button exchanges 200 points for one gatcha.
  2. The second button exchanges 2000 points for 10 gatchas.
  3. The third icon shows how much points you have.
  4. The column numbered 4 shows the SR cards and SSR cards that the other players got. You can check it to see what you could possibly get.
  5. The tab 5 redirects you to the rare lottery screen.
  6. The tab 6 redirects you to the normal lottery screen (the current screen)

Regarding the rare lottery, it is just like the normal lottery except you spend G-crystals instead of gacha points and you can get any card from rarity R to SSR (the maximum).

If you click on the rare lottery tab, you should see something like this:

Gatcha Screen rareTXT
  1. Click on 1 to exchange 5 crystals for one gacha.
  2. Click on 2 to exchange 50 crystals for 11 gatchas. Currently if you choose this option, you are guaranteed to get at least one SR card or SSR card.
  3. The button shows what you can get with the probability.
  4. The text above the white box 4 tells you that if you spend 50 crystals, you are guaranteed to get at least one SR card or SSR card.

At the beginning I recommend you to spend at least 50 G-crystals and all of your gacha points to get a starter deck. I don't recommend spending more except if you are willing to spend money because it is more efficient to spend G-crystals to regenerate stamina during event.

Assembling your squadron Edit

Now that you have some characters, go back to the home screen and then the squadron edition button.

You should see something like this :


On the left you see your characters and TSFs forming your squadron. As you can see there are 3 blocks. One "CP" block, one "Leader" block and one "Member" block.

  1. The CP block is reserved for Commanding Post character. These characters don't fight but provide a passive and active bonus to your pilots and TSFs.
  2. The leader block is your leader with her TSF. The leader gains more xp and affection points. Moreover, when another player selects you as backup for a quest, your leader and her TSF will be the one to represent you.
  3. The member block is the other pilots and their TSFs.

In conclusion a squadron is composed by one CP character and 5 pilots with TSF. You can make a squadron with less characters but there is no advantage.

You can have 5 squadrons. To edit the other squadrons, click on the arrow next to white box 1. You can lock your current squadron by clicking on the lock icon above the white box 2. Doing so will protect your squadron from accidental editing.

The "TOTAL STATUS" panel on the right shows the global strength of your squadron. The "COST" is the cost of your TSFs. The higher the rarity, the higher the cost. It means you cannot use a team full of SSR TSFs. The health icon under the white box 5 shows the total health points (HP for short) of your squadron. The next icon under the white box 6 shows the total attack points of your squadron. Finally the shield like icon under the white box 7 shows the total defense points of your squadron. The yellow numbers bellow are the bonus given by the upgrade level of your base.

To edit your squadron, first click on a character/TSF of your active squadron. Then click on the white box "Choose". Then you should see something like that :


Select the TSF/character you want to choose and then click on the button above the white box "Confirm". Note that if the total cost of your squadron is too high, you cannot take more powerful TSF. This is what the pink message under the white box 3 is saying. If you want to switch the character/TSF of two members of your team, click on their character/TSF and then confirm. The character/TSF of the other members of your squadron should have the blue message "Switch" on them.

If you want to remove the current character/TSF, click on the button above the "remove button".

Back to the squadron edition screen, you can either go back to the home screen by clicking on the home button or precede to quest by clicking on the button above the white box "Quests".

Selecting a quest Edit

Quests are the main interest of the game. During them you can control your squadron and destroy enemies to get rewards. Please look at the picture bellow:


There are three kinds of quests:

  • Main quests (see white box 1). They can be done anytime and any number of times. By clearing them you also unlock the main story.
  • Daily quests (see white box 2). They are specific to each day of the week and offer specific rewards. They are for farming resources.
  • Event quests (see white box 3). They are time-limited and offer rewards specific to the current event.

The objectives of each quest vary but can be summarized in three kinds of objective.

  1. Destroy x number of enemies. In the picture, this kind of quest is represented by the yellow and red icons next to the white box 5 "Type". The number next to it is how many enemies you must destroy. Red color indicates a boss while yellow color indicates a standard enemy.
  2. Destroy x number of enemy supply (box). They are represented by a supply box.
  3. Project your buildings.

Each quest has a stamina cost. You can see the cost under the white box 7 "Stamina cost".

Each quest has two kinds of reward. One-time reward and standard reward.

  • One-time reward or clearing reward is reward that you can only get the first time you clear the quest with a certain rank. On the picture you can see on the right (white box 13) the rewards you can get by clearing it with a S, A and B rank. No matter the quest, the rank depends only on the time you spent to clear the mission.
  • Standard rewards. They can be gotten any number of times. You can see what you can get above the white box 9. The reward at the most left position are the rarest and of course the most precious.

For more information please look at the respective page. For now let's head to battle (white box 16 "battle!)!

Selecting a friend Edit

You should then see the following picture :


During the quest, you can play with a friend or a guest 's leader character and TSF controlled by the AI. To select your ally, just click on the green box next to the white box 1 "Confirm". If you choose a guest, at the end of the quest you will be asked if you want to add them as a friend. If yes and if they do the same, you two will become friend. If you play with a friend, the gacha points you get will increase by +30 instead of +10.

Battle preparation screen Edit

After you have selected an ally, you will be directed to the following screen.


You can review the characters and TSFs you chose as well as your ally.

You can also choose a battle item to help you during the fight. There are basically 3 types of battle item:

  • Hp regeneration item
  • Attack power-up item
  • Defense power-up item

If you can't clear a mission, it may be a good idea to use them.

To finally enter the battle, click on the red button above the white box 4 "Fight!".

Battle Edit

Shortly after the beginning, you should see the following interface:

  1. The icons next to the white circle 1 shows how much gold you picked up, how many normal treasure chests you got and how many gold treasure chests you received.
  2. The message next to the white circle 2 only shows up if the goal of the quest is to destroy targets. The number shows the remaining number of targets.
  3. If there is a boss in the mission, the bar next to the white circle 3 shows up. It shows the boss health.
  4. The number next the white circle 4 is the remaining time before you lose.
  5. The small picture next to the white circle 4 is there to remind you that power type beats technique type, that technique type beats speed type and that speed type beats power type. Each TSF and enemy has one of these three types. The speed type is represented by the blue letter S, the power type is represented by the red letter P and the technique type is represented by the green letter T. You can see the type of any enemy next to its hp bar. You can also see the type of your TSFs during battle on your characters icon.
  6. Clicking on the button above the white circle 6 pauses the game and open the setting. The setting is the same as the setting you can modify through the home menu screen.
  7. Clicking on the button above the white circle 7 multiplies the game speed by 2. Note that this option is only available after you have cleared the game once.
  8. Clicking on the button above the white circle 8 switches off/on the auto mode. If the auto mode is activated, your TSF will be controlled by the AI. If not, you have to manually click the ground or the enemy to move. Note that even if the auto mode is activated, you can order your character to move somewhere or to attack a specific enemy.
  9. The icons at the right, next to the white circle 9, represent your characters and their TSF. The green bar is your hp bar. Once it's emptied your TSF is out for the rest of the battle. The color letter is the type of your TSF. There is a yellow bar on each icon. It's the skill bar. It is gradually filled by playing and inflicting damage. Once it's full you can unleash your character skill by clicking on the icon of your current character. You can switch your current character with another character of your squadron anytime by clicking on the icon of the character you want to switch to.
  10. The icon next to the white circle 10 is your ally pilot and TSF. You cannot control it.
  11. The icon next to the white circle 11 is your CP character. You can activate her skill by clicking on it once her skill bar is full.

To sum up, you can let the AI doing everything by activating the AUTO mode. Otherwise you can directly control your character and TSF by clicking on the ground to move and by clicking on any enemy to attack. You can also change your current active character to another member of your squadron anytime. As you fight, the ability bar of your characters will be progressively filled. Once a bar is filled, you can release the skill of the character by putting them as the active character and by clicking on their icon once more. To win the mission, destroy the designated targets before the remaining time reaches 0 and before your ally buildings are destroyed if this is a defense quest.

Further reading Edit

You know now how to make a squadron, sent it to battle and win the battle. But that is only the base. For more advanced knowledge, please look at the respective pages.

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